Prestwick Airport Arrivals

Welcome to Prestwick Airport Arrivals the unofficial guide to Prestwick Airport including live flight information and visitor guide.

Prestwick Airport Arrivals was created in order to bring you live flight arrival and departure information as well as a guide to the airport terminal, latest news and visitor information. Prestwick Airport is situated close to the city of Glasgow in Ayrshire, Scotland. Although it is not the main Glasgow airport Prestwick it services many international routes across Europe. As the fourth largest airport in Scotland behind Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen Prestwick carries over 2 million passengers per year to many European destinations.

prestwick airport arrivals

The live feed of Prestwick Airport Arrivals and Departures is ideal for those who are preparing to meet a flight at the airport or those who may be traveling from the airport.  With any transport delays can happen so the live arrivals and departure boards will keep you informed of any potential problems.   Having up to date information will allow you to arrive at the airport on time for whatever the reason

The arrivals page shows a feed of flights arriving from many destinations throughout the UK and Europe. The departure page allows you to keep track of flights leaving Prestwick Airport to airports near and far.

Prestwick Airport is classed as Glasgow’s second airport but in truth it is a distance out of the city near the coast in Ayrshire.  The airport is mainly used by charter airlines and low cost providers with Ryanair serving many flights to a number of destinations.  The boom in low cost airlines has seen a dramatic rise in passenger numbers at Prestwick Airport.
Prestwick Airport Arrivals cannot be held responsible for any incorrect information displayed on the site.  We rely on third party information which may or may not be correct at time of publish.  If at any time you are unsure about flight times of any other information on the site then we recommend that you contact the airport or your airline direct.

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