Live Flight Arrivals

Live Flight Arrivals for Prestwick Airport, Glasgow’s second airport.

The live flight arrivals board displays a feed of flight information giving times and status flights due to arrive at Prestwick Airport. The arrivals board keeps you up to date with flights arriving from many destinations around Europe and the UK.

If at any time you are unsure about any of the information that is displays on this page then we recommend that you contact the airport or the airline direct. As an unofficial guide we can not be held responsible for any incorrect information appearing on this site.  The live flight information board lets you keep up to speed with all of the arrivals at the airport.  Often flights are delayed which can have a knock on effect to many so live flight info is crucial.  If a flight is delayed the board will give you an approximate time of touch down.

With hundreds of flights arriving in to Prestwick Airport every week Prestwick Airport Arrivals keeps you up to date with them all.  Taking a flight is often an exciting or for some a nervous time so the live flight feed allows a smooth transfer when arriving by aircraft.   There are a number of reasons for flights being delayed including mechanical failure, the weather or air traffic control strikes.  Delays can be annoying and cause disruption but the live flight arrivals board will keep you informed.